Ford Ecosport

If you’re looking for a car that can handle the daily commute as well as the beaten track then you’ve

come to the right place. Introducing the all-new Ford EcoSport.

Practical performance

The EcoSport range has five models which have been tweaked and customised for the different lifestyles

of our diverse customer base. Whether you choose the fuel-efficient 1.0 litre EcoBoost Titanium or the

1.5 TDCi Trend, you’ll be getting an environmentally conscious vehicle that doesn’t compromise on


Sophisticated style

Whether it’s the premium interior or the modern exterior, the EcoSport leads the pack when it comes to

functional design and style. A sporty yet determined exterior profile as well as a bold grille will leave a

lasting impression, no matter where your journey takes you. It doesn’t stop there. Once you climb inside

you’ll experience some of the best driving comfort and in-journey functionality available on the market


Attractive and adaptable

The EcoSport has been designed to adapt to the demands of modern living while maintaining a level of

comfort as well as style. It looks the part for sure, but once you get inside and take it for a spin, you’ll

notice features like ABS, power-steering, the automatic headlights and a hands-free stereo system that

make it exceptional.

Contact us to find out more and test drive the all-new Ford EcoSport today.