New Ranger


​Introducing the Next-Gen Ranger: Bigger, Tougher, Smarter ​

​The Next-Gen Ranger XLT: Where Tough Meets Comfort

Meet the Next-Gen Ranger XLT, a powerhouse that seamlessly blends toughness, capability, comfort and connectivity. On and off-road, this model is equipped to handle workdays, weekends and everything in between. Selected models feature Zone Lighting, utilising headlamps, external mirror puddle lamps and rear box lamps to illuminate the vehicle perimeter. Work or play into the night effortlessly.

Versatility Redefined: Work Smarter with the Next-Gen Ranger

Experience unparalleled towing, payload and engine capabilities with the Next-Gen Ranger. Its integrated rear box step, Cargo Management System and wider load box make every job easier. From ‘Euro’ pallets to a tailgate workbench, versatility knows no bounds. A sleek instrument panel with a large integrated LCD touchscreen and enhanced cabin width.

Next-Gen Power & Capability: Unleash the Beast

Choose from the 2.0L Single-Turbo, 3.0L V6 turbo-diesel, or the 2.0L Bi-Turbo for an unparalleled driving experience. Tailor your ride with various drive modes to suit different terrains. Designed to handle punishing off-road conditions with a refined Watts link rear end. The Intelligent Oil Life Monitoring System (IOLM) keeps you informed about oil life by alerting you when it's time for a change.

Visit Allen Joss Ford today and embark on a new era of driving. Unleash your potential with the Next-Gen Ranger – Bigger, Tougher, Smarter. Your adventure awaits.