Ford Kuga

The new Ford Kuga revolutionises the concept of a compact SUV.

Efficient yet powerful

Ford' award-winning EcoBoost engine is not only environmentally friendly but powerful and reliable
when you need it to be. Available in both manual and automatic models, the Ford Kuga 6-speed
transmission system intelligently maximises fuel efficiency while giving you a seamless ride.
Automatically adjusting all-wheel-drive ensures that nothing is off limits for the Kuga.

Comfort meets ruggedness

With a comfortable leather trim interior, the Kuga makes every drive a relaxing experience, be it in the
great outdoors or just a trip to the shops. A Bluetooth stereo system and the Kuga’s hands-free SYNC® 3
technology allow you to connect your mobile devices to the vehicle so that you can take calls and play
the music of your choice safely. Features like Active Park Assist are also included to take the guesswork

out of driving and parking in urban spaces.

Intelligent features

A hands-free tailgate allows you to open the boot remotely and even senses the size of your garage so
that it doesn’t scratch or collide with anything when opening. Combine this with various performance
features like torque control that adjusts sixty times a second, and you’ve got a car that will take on any

challenge and never let you down.

Try out the Ford Kuga today.